Awesome Z is an avid participator in the 24 Hours of Lemons racing
circuit. Where any $500 pile of scrap with a roll cage can be called a
"racecar" .
For more information and puns, visit the 24 Hours of Lemons website.
The Idea:
To build a series of races for cars that were purchased, fixed up and track
prepped for a total of $500 or less, aside from safety items such as a roll cage,
brakes, fuel cells etc.
The cars
Our 73 240Z was saved from the crusher and purchased as a parts car, once Lemons racing came along
we figured there were enough good parts on it to make it a Lemons racer.
Doug Bakke - " What else are you going to do with a $100 car?"
Troy Hogan's 73 240Z. Another one saved from the crusher. This car was purchased at a police
auction and sat behind his garage for over 10 years until the home owners insurance company
demanded that it be removed!
Results from MSR Houston
Troy Hogan's team finished the race in 28th place, 37 laps behind the winner. More importantly,
they took home the Index of Effluency award. Awarded to the car considered unlikely to even finish
the race, let alone finish with a respectable number of laps completed. Along with this award
(shown on the roof of the car) Troy's team also took home $1501, paid in nickels.... yes, that's
what fifteen hundred dollars in nickels looks like. You can see where the weight caved in the roof of
the car. Congrats Troy!
Our team the INGLORIOUS BASTERDS finished 54th out of 122, 70 laps behind the

Thanks to Greg Baker for the great photos!