280ZX (S130) 79-83
 The Nissan 280ZX was the second generation of Z car, and the first to wear
the Nissan badge alongside the traditional Datsun logo as this was a
transition period for the company. It offered a complete aerodynamic
redesign of the chassis vs. the S30 cars resulting in better high speed
stability as well as fuel economy.

There were many other improvements over previous Z cars, including power
assist rack and pinion steering, 4 wheel disc brakes, a premium audio system
and a sporty "T-top" roof. The 280ZX, like the 260 and 280Z before it, also
came with a 2+2 4 seater option. All this together awarded the 280ZX Motor
Trend's import car of the year for 1979.

In 1980 a 10th anniversary edition was released with a two-tone paint scheme
in either black and gold, or the rarer black and red. It also came with slight
trim changes and leather interior.

In 1981 the 280ZX turbo was released and boosted straight-line performance
well over any other Japanese import in that time period. Turbo models were
equipped with a higher volume oil pump and turbo models with automatic
transmissions were equipped with a front mount air to oil cooler.

 In 1983 a digital display dash was made available (seen below).
The fuel injected L28 engine
Digital dash from an 83'