S30 Z Cars  70-78
   The Z car first came to the U.S. as the 1970 Datsun 240Z. The 240Z was an instant success
in the United States because it offered performance on par with other import sports cars like
Porsche's, BMW's and Jaguars at a much lower cost. With features such as an overhead
camshaft, 4 wheel independent suspension and MacPherson front struts, it was miles ahead
of U.S. car makers.
   The S30 body style continued production until 1978. After the 240Z came the 260Z, which
had various improvements over the 240Z such as factory climate controls, increased power
output and also came with the first ever 2+2 ( 4 seater ) option. Unfortunately U.S emissions
standards were too strict for this model and it was only sold in America as a 74 model, while
sales continued in other countries.
  In 75 the 280Z was introduced. Sporting the same S30 body, with a newly designed fuel
injected 2.8 liter engine that complied with American emissions standards and made more
torque at the cost of less top end horsepower and more weight.
The powerplant for the
S30 Z cars, the L series
engine. This picture is
an L24 2.4 liter inline six
for the 240Z.