300ZX (Z31) 84-89
The Z31 300ZX was yet another redesign for the next generation of Z car.
Instead of the old school L series inline-six engines, the Z31 was equipped
with a 3.0 liter 60 degree overhead cam VG30 V6 with hydraulic valve lifters
(Japan's first mass produced V6). Turbo and N/A models were available from
start to finish. It sported the Datsun badge along side the Nissan logo until
1985 when the company established the Nissan name worldwide and
completed their transition.
Although the Z31 chassis was based on the 280ZX, aerodynamics were once
again improved over previous Z cars, giving the Z31 a drag coefficient of 0.30.
Additional improvements were made on the chassis with 3 way adjustable
In 1984 a 50th anniversary edition was released to celebrate Nissan's birthday
in the form of a fully loaded turbo model equipped with a digital dash,
premium audio system and two tone silver on black paint scheme. 5,148
anniversary models were sold in the U.S.
In 1985 water-cooled turbo chargers were introduced and used on all factory
turbo models from then on.
In 1988 a Shiro Special was introduced that boasted pearl white paint with
matched wheels, Recaro seats and a viscous limited slip differential.