350Z / G35 (Z33) 03-08
 Fast forward to 2003, the American market hadn't seen any new Z cars since
the withdrawal of the 300ZX in 1996. Nissan engineers had come up with a
concept to re-make the 240Z powered by a KA24DE engine and even showed
the car at various car shows however, reviews were mixed and Nissan felt
that the car would be underpowered, so design began on the 350Z.
At the heart of this new Z car would be an all new power plant, the all
aluminum VQ35DE, which would come to be known as one of the most
advanced engines of its time and used in many other Nissan / Infinity
vehicles. The VQ carried on the variable intake cam timing system and
sported a meticulously tuned intake and exhaust system that gives the 350Z
an excellent linear power band and beautiful exhaust note.
The release of the Z33 would mark several other firsts for the manufacturer.
Unlike the previous 3 generations of Z cars, it would not come with optional
turbo chargers, although they are still a very popular (and proven)
aftermarket upgrade. The first Z car to be sold with a 6 speed manual
transmission, and instead of releasing a 2+2 4 seater model the 2+2 would be
sold under a completely different brand in the form of the Infinity G35.
The G35 is nearly identical to the 350Z, carrying the same powertrain and
control systems with different exterior styling and dimensions as well as a
more luxurious interior.
Most of the changes made to the Z33 through its production were made to
the engine.
In 2005, the "RevUP" engine was released which sported variable cam timing
for the exhaust cams as well as intake, resulting in higher power output and a
more usable flatter torque curve.
The most noted engine change came in 2007 when the VQ underwent a
complete redesign ( the bore and stroke were kept ) the crankshaft and main
bearings were strengthened, the compression ratio was increased. The deck
height was raised and the rods were lengthened to reduce side-loading on
the pistons and allow the HR engine to reliably spin
to a new redline of 7,500rpm. The already near-perfect intake was redesigned
now with two throttle bodies and the exhaust manifolds are now equal length
resulting in even higher flow and power output.
These specs are for the 350Z, the G35 track specs will differ slightly