370Z / G37 09+
  The 370 Z is the newest version of the Z car and with it's production Nissan has
continued to push the envelope in terms of bringing more tech to the table in pursuit
of the ultimate driving experience. The most noticeable changes from the 350Z can
be seen from the front and rear with the new style "check mark" headlights and tail
lights. The body of the 370 is also slightly shorter end to end with a slightly wider
stance for improved handling.
  Again Nissan spared no expense and completely redesigned the VQ engine
platform with this newest Z car equipped with the VQ37VHR. Displacement was
increased, compression was bumped up to 11 to 1 and this engine is now equipped
with VVEL ( Variable Valve Event and Lift ). The exhaust cam remains unchanged,
but the intake cam system is very unique. It uses an electric motor to vary the action
of a type of "finger" that is attached at one end to what could be called a camshaft,
while the other end acts on the follower which depresses the valve. The end result is
a continually variable intake valve, in duration as well as lift.
  Jim Wolf Technologies has a very informative video on the VVEL system you can
check out here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LyubJV4siss
  Along with this marvel of an engine the Z34 is equipped with other super-car like
qualities. Available transmissions include a 7 speed paddle shift automatic or a 6
speed manual transmission with the SyncroRev match system which "blips" the
throttle for you during down shifting.